What we can do


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Global Goals are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a "blueprint for a better and more sustainable future for all" to be achieved by 2030, commonly known as the “2030 Agenda” set up by the Earth Summit in September 2015.


Kaiei RYOKANS’ efforts

Kaiei RYOKANS is now operating 17 resorts in Aichi, Mie, Toyama, Ehime, Yamanashi as themed resorts “all for your anniversary vacations”. We strike to achieve the SDGs and provide quality hospitality based on local history and cultural in various regions, along with the individuality of our guests.

We have set regular closed days for our resorts, and we aim to recruit more international staff.

  • 8.働きがいも経済成長も
  • 10.人や国の不平等をなくそう

1) Monthly closed days have been set for all our resorts since 2017
2) Regarding the recruitment of international staff, we have our internship scheme and we have joined the national technical intern training program. Together with recruitment of international exchange students as part-timers, we have had associates from China, Brazil, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Italy, Mongolia, and many other countries every year. We also aim to recruit more capable candidates such as Specific Skilled Workers (hotel industry) and related qualification holders. From now on, we’re going to organize more exchange activities between Japan and overseas countries as we have plans to go global and recruit associates who want to accumulate working experience in the hotel industry in Japan and go back to their home country and start their career on the management level.

Examples of our efforts

1) All our resorts have had two monthly closed days since 2017.
2) Recruitment of overseas staff
[Total No. in 2018- 36 recruitments]
Details) Internship- Taiwan (17); Specific Skilled Workers- China (10), Vietnam (8); qualification holders (Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services)- Taiwan (1)
[Total No. in 2019- 45 recruitments]
Details) Internship- Taiwan (18), Vietnam (4); Specific Skilled Workers- Vietnam (8), China (9); qualification holders (Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services)- Taiwan (2), Korea (2), Vietnam (2)
[Total No. in 2020- 18 recruitments (Influence from increase of infected cases of the COVID-19 pandemic)]
Details) Internship- Taiwan (3),Specific Skilled Workers- Vietnam (5), China (3);qualification holders (Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services)- Taiwan (2), Korea (2), Vietnam (2), Myanmar (1)

Our goals

1) All our resorts have their fixed closed days every month
2) We aim to recruit 50-60 international staff mainly from Vietnam, Taiwan, and Myanmar for our resorts in the coming five years so as to nurture them as leaders for the hotel industry in their home countries.

Giving best support to the “ Thirty-ten movement” to reduce food waste.

  • 12.つくる責任、つかう責任

Thinking of what we can do to reduce food waste at our resorts, we have decided to be rooting for the national “Thirty-ten movement” organized by the Ministry of the Environment penetrated in various local governments
The “Thirty-ten movement” is a campaign aims to reduce food waste at parties by encouraging the public to stay and focus on the food in the first “30 mins” after toasting (in parties) and go back to eat “10 mins” before the party ends up. The practice also functions an effective preventative measure against infections. In fact, for the safe and comfort in dining experience, the understanding of our guests is vitally important all in all.
* Ministry of the Environment

Examples of our efforts

Our resort “Genjiko” used to have 40% food waste at parties while based on the practice of the “Thirty-ten movement” in the 21 parties from Dec 2019 to Feb 2020, average food waste has dropped to 10-30% that some even reached 0%.

Our goals

Our goal is to decrease the food waste rate down to 20%. We have regular meetings to improve productivity in which our resort members all share best practices and useful information to reduce food waste.

We also participate in the cleaning activities in the nearby areas of our resorts.

  • 11.住み続けられるまちづくりを
  • 12.つくる責任、つかう責任
  • 14.海の豊かさを守ろう
  • 15.陸の豊かさも守ろう

Our resorts are surrounded by seas, mountains, and woods in nature. We understand that our efforts to preserve our sustainable region, reduce adverse influence on the environment, and reduce wastes are very limited. Nonetheless, we strongly believe that these small but continuous activities can contribute to attract more and more supporters and bring about big changes eventually.

Examples of our efforts

2021年The first batch of the cleaning activities was launched from January to March 2021 in some of our pioneer resorts, it then expanded to all our resorts in Aichi, Mie, Toyama, Ehime, and Yamanashi since April 2021.

Our goals

We will continue to set up goals and fix target locations based on concrete action plans and share the information among all member resorts.