Our business spirit

  • 海栄RYOKANSの歩み

    The History of Kaiei RYOKANS

    “How can I contribute to Minamitachi, my hometown in where I was born and raised?”- the story of “Kaiei Ryokan” began with this passionate thought from our CEO Mr. Kouichi Watanabe. And in 1981, “Kaieikan” was established.

  • The Japanese ryokan (resort) business

    The Japanese ryokan (resort) business

    Today, we have 17 resorts in total. We aim to keep learning about the history, culture, and traditional of various local regions so as to make our resorts embody the spirit of the that particular local area.

  • The dining business

    The dining business

    The development of our dining business is based on the foundation of our resort business. We strike to develop unprecedented cuisines based on the idea of “local production for local consumption”, urban culture, and region-specific industries.


Continue to be indispensable

Hotels and Japanese ryokans- they belong to the same industry while they are, in fact, enormously different that ryokan provides a streamlined service including hospitality and dining. As suggested by our brand name “Kaiei RYOKANS”, we aim to conserve “Omotenashi” (Japanese hospitality), which is a crucial Japanese tradition since the ancient times. Also, to stay indispensable, we “Kaiei RYOKANS” aim to impress our guests with out original concept as “resorts all for your anniversary vacations®”. We listen to our guests, accommodate their requests, and make them feel heart-soothing and comfortable. Without a shadow of doubt we also aim at perfect our hospitality, provide the best value for money, and make our efficiency better and better. All in all, we would love to be the role model for the ryokan business in Japan.

Kaiei RYOKANS, CEO & President, Reo Watanabe


Born in 1975, graduated from Nanzan University
2001, Joined Kaieikan Co., Ltd.
2001, Senior Managing Director
2017, CEO
2017, Also as the young master of Gamagori Tourism Association
[Legislative Titles]
* Tokai Block Chairman, All Japan Ryokan Hotel Association Junior
* JTB Ryokans and Hotels Alliance (Chubu Future Committee Head)
* JTB Ryokans and Hotels Alliance (Branch Union Vice President)
* JTB Ryokans and Hotels Alliance (Aichi Branch Subbranch Head)

Kaiei RYOKANS, CEO & President, Reo Watanabe

“Hospitality”- our interpretation

“Kaiei RYOKANS” aims to provide quality hospitality based on local history and cultural in various regions along with the individuality of our guests. Our 17 resorts are themed as “all for your anniversary vacations®” that our motto is to create special anniversaries for our guests with hospitality.”

  • Facilities & Baths
  • Cuisine
  • Customer service
  • Facilities & Baths

    Facilities & Baths

    Attractions of ryokans include the guest room, the bath, the restaurant, and the lounge- all our resorts are designed to present heartful hospitality right the moment when our guests step into our resort.

  • Cuisine


    We pride ourselves with our course menu filled with local ingredients, not to mention the best and freshest seasonal tastes. We also strike to develop more and more surprising dining experience for our guests based on the concept of “local production for local consumption”, urban culture, and region-specific industries.

  • Customer service

    Customer service

    Customer service is vitally important to make guests feel like home. We would love to accumulate experience and know-hows so as to soothe the heart of our guests- welcome service, escort service, seeing them off at the end of their stay, and addressing all our guests with their names.

* “Kinenbi No Yado®” (All for your anniversary vacations) is the registered trademark of Kaiei RYOKANS.

Efforts for symbiosis

Efforts for our environment

Efforts for our environment

Coexistence with our nature

Splendid environment and blessing of hot spring- the ryokan business is so intertwined with nature. As a member in the industry, “Kaiei RYOKANS” is dedicated to plan and execute environmental-friendly policies.


Now, we have joined the “JAPAN SDGs ACTION PLATFORM” organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for the achievement of SDGs. All our associates are united for the reduction of food waste and cleaning nearby regions for a better future. What we aim to achieve is to provide high quality hospitality with consideration to our environment. We know the onus to create a better future also rest on us, “Kaiei ROKANS”. And, this is one of our important concerns.

Bonding with local communities

Bonding with local communities

To be a ryokan walk with the local communities

We, “Kaiei RYOKANS”, aim to keep learning about the history, culture, and traditional of various local regions so as to make our resorts embody the spirit of their local area. For instance, we donate to traditional festivals and fireworks events in local regions as supports to cultural activities so as to vitalize the local tourism business.

To be a ryokan walk with the local communities

Moreover, we help promoting the attractions of the local communities, let the world understand the essential role of ryokans, do plannings for local historical and cultural activities, and fill up our menu with local productions. We would love to be a backer for local activities and the promotion of local attractions as a corporate to enhance the development of local regions.

SDGs set up by the Earth Summit
A blueprint for a better and more sustainable future for all to be achieved by 2030

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