Tsukiyominoza Hanakazashi Ichiyunomori Entaijiso Shionomaru Hananomaru Genjikoh Shachitei Tennomaru Kazenotaninoiori Kirakan Tatsuki Tsurugi Koizuki Irodorikoyo Sennomori Saionomiya



Experience the soothing nature of the sea

The theme of "SHACHI-TEI", which opened in 1986, is nature relaxation. Photos and images of marine animals such as orcas, whales and dolphins taken by photographer Hiroya Minakuchi displayed throughout the inn create an environment in which you can experience the soothing nature of the sea. As a popular destination for families, in-room meal service is available.


Japanese-style inn welcoming you with aromatic scents

Genjikoh opened in 1999. A variety of hot spring styles are available, including the heavenly outdoor baths that can be used as ceremonial purification baths. Designed with women in mind, we feature unique services such as a designer's room, a women-exclusive floor, a lineup of yukata to select from, total spa with aromatic treatments, and the Fuka Club, which holds various original events.


Fragrant breeze blowing through the hotel with a tradition of the medieval naval force

Hanaomaru, which opened in 2002, recreates the elegant world view built by the Senga Navy's commerce long ago within the graceful city of flowers. Enjoy a relaxing time with our facilities including a large banquet hall with Noh stage, baths with a view of the islands of Mikawa and Ise through the large panorama windows, and private outdoor bath.


Inn of heavenly skies where legendsof the galaxies twinkle

TEN NO MARU, which opened in Gamagori in 2004, is a relaxing inn encompassed by the twinkling of the sky and earth's rays. Enjoy the panoramic outdoor baths that overlook the city, or a private outdoor bath. The clear skies and soothing hot baths provide a relaxing time. Original art by astrophotographer Akira Fujii and calligraphy artist Rin Domon throughout the inn creates a unique atmosphere.



Kaze no Tani no Iori, which opened in 2005 in Gamagori following TEN NO MARU is a forest hideaway with hanare-type rooms. With just 10 guest rooms, each with an outdoor bath, a private relaxing atmosphere is created. This new style of inn emerged to incorporate the needs of the times.


Experience the seasonal colors of Yunoyama

The stage of Irodori Koyo, which opened in 2006, is Yunoyama, Mie Prefecture cradled by Ise Bay and the Suzuka Mountains. Here you can enjoy the four seasons — the fresh spring green, cool summer breezes, fall colors, and winter snow — that are ever changing the appearance of Yunoyama, as well as enjoy abundant seasonal dishes. We provide you with a space where you can entrust both body and soul to a luxurious time with the inter-weaved colors of nature.


Ise Kaguraba Resort

Newly renovated in 2008. Come refresh your soul at the three scenic spots of Kaguraba Sankei and Ise no Mori. Ise no Mori is the gardens of the gods with 125 shrines pinnacled with the Naiku (Kotai Jingu) and Geku (Toyouke Daijingu). When pilgrims achieve a relaxed mind, the gods come down and embrace you with the three blessings of mystic forest, winds of romance and blossoms of emotion.


Ise's dynastic yet enchanting inn

Let us host you in an extraordinary refined atmosphere that recreates the history and romance of "SAIKU", which has been conveyed to us from the Heian period. The Saio lived purely while serving the gods. Visit Sainoumiya to spend a special time experiencing the Saio's elegant life.


Ise Peaceful tranquility of a thousand years

From ancient times, people have been drawn to the mystical powers of the moon throughout the seasons, moved by the moon's beauty, praising it in poems, expressing it in drawings, and using it as an almanac. Our inn is an eloquent setting for enjoying a pocket of nature, where you can gaze at the moon bright in the peaceful tranquility of Ise's shrines in the lands of the gods.


The hidden inn of Manyo

Koizuki opened in 2008. The thousand colors of Manyo gently embrace visitors who step inside. The Japanese Modern atmosphere is a tapestry of Japanese soul and Western beauty. Throughout the inn, you will find the spirit of Etchu manyo and the romance of the manyo poets. Experience the world of manyo and traditional culture passed down in the Etchu region with our omotenashi hospitality.


Tokugawa's ocean over which the princesses' dreams travelled

After a full-scale renewal, Aoi joined Kaiei RYOKANS operators of TEN NO MARU in the same area, Chita's Genjikoh, and Ise's SEN NO MORI in July 2009.
The princesses of the 2011 taiga drama "Gō: Hime-tachi no Sengoku" are introduced throughout the inn.


Picturesque omotenashi to beautifully color your memories

View Mikawa Bay from the outdoor baths and from each room. If you stand close to the window, it will seem as though you are standing on the ocean. Spend a relaxing time while feeling the ocean winds from Mikawa Bay that change gradually along with the gently rising and falling tide.


Experience the adventure of the Setouchi naval forces

Murakami Navy's seamen were warriors of the sea who lived with the tides of Seto Inland Sea's Kurushima Channel. Shio no Maru remembers the glory of the seamen who lived with the ocean, and presents the romance of the era's history. Enjoy a moment here where a historical atmosphere and modern sensation merge.


Hot spring resort situated in flowers and greenery

In July 2014, Hotel Okudogo restarted with the new name OKUDOGO ICHIYU NO MORI. Just a ten-minute drive from Dogo Onsen, Japan's oldest hot springs, you will find an expanse of natural beauty that changes with the seasons. Enjoy our fine hot springs fed by abundantly gushing hot spring water, and cuisine featuring specialties from local mountains and seas grown in the warm Seto Inland climate.


A long-established ryokan, Entaijiso opened in 1900 and was loved by many writers and artists.

Entaijiso has restarted by joining Kaiei RYOKANS in September 2013. As Toyama Prefecture's guest house, we await your visit with cuisine, natural hot springs, and our traditional omotenashi.


Presenting omotenashi hospitality that surpasses history (and time) at the scenic Mikawa Bay.

Looking down at the glistening sea of Mikawa from high above, we remember the sincerity of Prince Kira, who is still revered by the local people. At Kira Kan, you will find ancient and honorable omotenashi hospitality.

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